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ROMA Sport wheelchair discount

ROMA Sport wheelchair discount

The Tennis Foundation has recently entered into a partnership with ROMA Sport (click here for details) to offer a referral discount on a tennis specific wheelchair.  The bespoke and affordable chair has been developed using expertise from our elite level coaches to ensure users get the best possible experience of wheelchair tennis.

We see the launch of the chair as a game changer for the sport as it removes one of the key barriers to participation.  The partnership sees tennis-specific chairs being made available for £645 for adults and £620 for youths, with a further discount for any chairs ordered through the Tennis Foundation (see links below) – making the cost over 60% less than a typical entry level tennis specific chair.

Chair Specification

The chair has been designed so that it can adapt as the athlete develops. It is available in both youth (12″ and 14″) while the adult sizes fit widths of and adult (15″ and 17”) sizes.  Both the youth and adult sizes can hold up to 15 stone, or 95 kilograms.  The steel frame supports an adjustable foot plate, backrest and anti-tip wheel.  The adaptable components of the design include:

  • A footplate that is adjustable in height, foot angle and leg position (front to back) under the chair.
  • The backrest has removable tube pins that allow for height adjustment.
  • The seat sling and backrest can easily be adjusted with the Velcro strapping.
  • And, the anti-tip wheel length can be altered to suit the player.

You can see more details about the chair and its specification on the ROMA Sport website at

Referral Discount

If you’re a player looking to purchase a new wheelchair and access the discount available through the Tennis Foundation click here.

If you work within a venue that would like to purchase new wheelchairs and access the discount available through the Tennis Foundation click here.

The Tennis Foundation and ROMA Sport
The new affordable grass roots tennis wheelchair launched by the Tennis Foundation and ROMA Sport