Physically impaired tennis

Physically impaired tennis

Physically impaired tennis

Wheelchair tennis is a really exciting game. There are lots of places where you can play it – click here to find a wheelchair session near you.

Wheelchair players can play with non-disabled players. The only rule change is that if you’re in a wheelchair, you’re allowed up to two bounces of the ball before returning it.

You don’t even need to be a wheelchair user to play it.

In fact, you don’t have to use a wheelchair at all. Ambulatory tennis (playing on your feet or prosthetics) is another way of playing the game that might be right for you.

Come and Try Sessions

A great way to get started in the game is to come along to one of our come and try sessions. You can expect a session full of fun and at the end of it you will be able to play tennis. Experienced accredited coaches will take you through a range of games and activities designed to get you started in the sport.

If you have any issues booking on to a come and try session please contact the British Tennis Services Team on 020 8487 7000 or email


All camps for 2017 have taken place. Our Push2Podium programme is running during the Autumn and all the festivals are FREE to anyone of any age or ability.

If you currently play wheelchair tennis and want to learn new skills and develop your technique under the guidance of a Performance Coach then the Wheelchair Tennis Camps are for you. The four hour camp (£15) will be led by the Tennis Foundation’s Talent ID Coach who will provide useful tips and advice on how to develop your game. The camps are also an opportunity to be talent spotted and if you impress the Talent ID Coach you may be asked to join the Performance Development Squad.

If you have any issues booking on to a camp please contact the British Tennis Services Team on 020 8487 7000 or email

Come and compete – there’s a competition for everyone!

The Tennis Foundation runs an array of wheelchair tournaments for players of all abilities, junior and senior.  The National Wheelchair Tennis Series consists of 11 local tournaments across the UK. There is a main draw where players collect points but also a Novice division for anyone who hasn’t competed before. For those looking to compete at an International level there are ITF events including Futures, ITF 1/2/3s and the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships.


Push2Podium is our exciting wheelchair tennis Talent ID programme! If you’ve been inspired by the likes of Gordon Reid, Jordanne Whiley and Alfie Hewett and want to take up the game then get yourself along to a Push2Podium festival.

Festivals take place in the autumn of each year; for more information please click.

Fast track for talent

If you’ve got the talent to progress from playing for fun to competing at the highest level of wheelchair tennis, the Game On guide is for you. It gives you the lowdown on the different pathways you can follow to reach the summit of the sport. There’s also information for coaches to help them identify players who could perform well in the elite player programme. Please click here for an accessible version of the Game On guide.

Game On (Great Britain's Disability Tennis Pathway) - Tennis Foundation
Game On (Great Britain’s Disability Tennis Pathway)

Wheelchair Setup and Maintenance

The Tennis Wheelchair Setup and Maintenance Guide (for an accessible version of the Guide please click here) is for coaches and players who want to know more about maximising performance by adapting the wheelchair to suit the needs of the participant.  The Guide provides tips on how you can make changes to the wheelchair setup to: improve comfort, increase court speed, increase shot power and reduce the risk of injury.