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Inclusive Tennis at your Venue

Inclusive Tennis at your Venue
Open Your Doors

If you run a tennis venue and would like to make it truly inclusive, we can help you. Our Open Your Doors Intro leaflet 2018 provides practical tips on how to become more inclusive and highlights the benefits of doing so (click here for the accessible version).

Open Your Doors Workshop

Our Workshop is essential for venues and their members who want to work with disabled people. We, alongside the LTA, are keen to ensure that all venues are inclusive and this Workshop will show how simple the process is in becoming accessible for disabled people.

The Workshop will cover:

  • The current disability tennis landscape and pathways through the sport for disabled people.
  • Identify potential partners and organisations who can support you and your venue.
  • Identify best practice for your club to take forward.
  • Identify the best training opportunities for your venue’s coaches and volunteers.
  • Highlight how the Tennis Foundation can support you through the process.

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