University tennis is a great way to get students active. It doesn’t matter whether students play just for fun or to get fit. Or maybe they compete at a serious level. There are lots of opportunities available for universities, to ensure that they offer a varied programme so that all students can play tennis whilst at university, from beginners to performance players.

We offer three levels of support for universities, to help students at your university reach their full potential through tennis:

  • Core support to help get more students playing the game- e.g. resources and development awards
  • Enhanced support for universities who are engaged in a broader programme of tennis provision – e.g. University Tennis Coordinators and Student Tennis Ambassadors
  • Performance support for universities who provide a comprehensive programme for committed tennis players at national level and who are fully engaged with all three levels of our support programme- e.g. support nine universities with their performance tennis programmes.

For more information, click here to download our Guide to University Tennis.

Want To Play?

If you are a University student interested in playing tennis, click here for details about the opportunities available!

Social Media

The university tennis community is very active on social media – get involved on Twitter using #unitennis!