Every year, more than 60,000 school children take part in school tennis competitions. There are competitions for all ages and abilities. Primary school kids, special school pupils and secondary school students – they all turn up, take part and have fun.

Helping 60,000 school children enjoy a spot of healthy competition

When it comes to playing tennis in schools, competition is natural, healthy – and fun. Kids simply love taking part. In fact, over 60,000 primary, special and secondary school pupils play in one form of schools tennis competition or another each year. A competition gives them something to work towards. It’s an opportunity to show what they can do on court. But also it teaches them valuable life skills that they can take with them off court. Things like fair play and mutual respect.

A tennis competition doesn’t have to be the traditional five sets on a full sized court, played in Wimbledon whites with those familiar yellow balls. Competitions can take place within any group – class, house, year group – and you can hold them during PE lessons or as part of an extra-curricular club, all year round. Lots of schools run informal tennis competitions before school or at lunchtime, or in after-school clubs. The Youth Sport Trust has produced a range of intra-school competition formats to help. Register with School Games at for your copy or view the School Games Tennis Toolkit here. 

To help teachers deliver a one-hour workshop to train volunteers to support at a Year 3&4 Mini Tennis Red School Games Competition, please see our School Games Volunteer Workshop Guidance.

Take the competition to another level

Competing against other schools – either locally or nationally – is a great way for your pupils to test their skills and grow in confidence. We’ve developed a range of competition formats for all ages and abilities, including young people with a disability. Click here to view our Guide to Schools Tennis.

Fair for all

Fair play is what tennis is all about. So it’s no surprise that along with the LTA, we’re committed to making sure that wherever tennis is played, at whatever level, it’s played in a fair, open and totally inclusive environment. We have two over-arching values that guide all our competitions: Enjoy-Respect. Click here to find out more.