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University & College Students

University & College Students

Being a student is great fun, especially with the great amount of tennis opportunities that colleges and universities now offer. We have supported over 250 colleges and over 80 universities to assist them with running tennis programmes at their institution. With every college and university offering different tennis activity, the type of tennis that you play whilst studying will vary greatly. However, there are several things you can do to find out more about the tennis opportunities offered at your college or university:

  • Attend an open day or taster session in your first week at college/ university. At university, many tennis clubs offer free sessions in their first week for all abilities
  • If you are going to university, look out for the Tennis Club at Freshers Fayre.
  • Many, if not all university tennis clubs will be on social media, or will have further information on the university website. Take a look online, and contact the tennis club to find out more about what they offer before heading off to university
College and University Tennis Opportunities

Although the type of tennis offered will vary between universities, as well as offering lessons and matchplay sessions, your university might offer the following:

Cardio Tennis – Cardio Tennis is a great way to keep fit whilst doing a sport you love! Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with. cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. Many universities run weekly sessions lasting around one hour, so why not swap that hour in the gym for some fun on court activity? To find out more, click here.

Beneden Tennis Festival Packs – Colleges and universities can apply to run a Beneden Tennis Festival for their students at various points throughout the year, which are aimed to provide fun, themed and local competition opportunities for students. Once a college or university has applied, they will receive posters and signup sheets, competition resources and player prizes such as grips, keyrings and medals. To find out more and to register for your pack, please click here.

Team Challenge (Universities Only)– Competing in tennis can be great fun, but you need like minded people to play against. All too many people are put off the game if they don’t make the university BUCS tennis team  and might never pick up a racket again whilst at university, which is why for 2016-17 we will be introducing the Team Challenge to universities – a new form of recreational team competition. The Team Challenge will see teams of two men and two women from each university take on other local universities in team events on set dates throughout the academic year. With rivalry between universities being stronger than ever, there’s no better reason to get on court to represent your university in this fun and informal team competition.

BUCS Leagues (Universities Only) – The top players at each university will be chosen to compete in the BUCS Leagues throughout the year. Your university team will compete on Wednesday afternoons throughout the year against other universities to find out which university will get promoted/relegated into the neighbouring divisions. For more information on the BUCS Leagues, please click here. If you would like to take part in the BUCS Leagues next year, make sure that you don’t miss team trials at your university at the start of the academic year.

BUCS Individuals (Universities Only)– If you are serious about tennis and would like to represent your university on an individual basis, why not enter the BUCS Individuals event? There are 5 regional events across the UK that usually take place in January and February each year, with those that qualify from each regional event heading through to the National BUCS Individual Finals. To view the results for BUCS Individuals 2016, please click here. If you would be interested in taking part in next years event, please contact your Students’ Union.

British Tour (Universities Only) –  Fancy playing some more tennis outside of university? The British Tour offers competition for students wishing to compete at a high level, with some events now using the new Fast4 format. Find out more and enter here.

Interested in shaping the experience at your university club for other students? Perhaps you want to up skill yourself whilst at university, or share your experiences to help shape tennis experiences across the country? Click here to see how you can help to drive tennis at your university.