New films produced to promote university tennis in Great Britain

New films produced to promote university tennis in Great Britain

University Tennis in Great Britain is thriving, with club membership booming and elite success being achieved on the international stage. The transformation of tennis in the higher education sector in recent years has been phenomenal, making it an exciting place to develop your tennis. To communicate this, the Tennis Foundation has produced a series of films to get the message out to future students, coaches of future students and parents!

The films cover the range of our activity at our network of partnership universities including playing, competing, workforce development and specific programs such as our University Coordinator Programme (UTC).

The Tennis Foundation aims to shape lives through tennis and through our university programmes, we aim to help tennis players of all levels to develop through tennis. The lead video in the series gives an overview of all that is on offer – for more details click here.

As well as the overview film, videos in the series also focus in specific aspects of university tennis, including our Performance programme and workforce development programmes.


At the highest level, the results from our GB student team have been fantastic in recent years, winning 6 major medals including beating the USA College team in December in the world’s biggest annual team event. These players often train at our top universities in the UK. To find out more click here.

Workforce Development

We want to see university students reaching their full potential and maximising all of their skills whilst at university. That’s why we currently support a student workforce at our network of partnership universities across the UK. There are two main strands to our university student workforce: Student Ambassadors and University Tennis Coordinators, with both of these programmes helping to develop.

As part of the series, videos have been produced focussing on four former University Tennis Coordinators, all of whom now work in tennis, giving an insight in to their experiences and the differences it has made to their lives and careers in tennis:

UTC Video 1: Kate Lucy – former UTC at the University of Exeter
UTC Video 2: Alex Walker – former UTC at the University of Bath
UTC Video 3: Claire McCulloch – former UTC at the University of Stirling
UTC Video 4: Richard Sackey-Addo – former UTC at the University of Bedfordshire

To find out more about the University Tennis Coordinator role, click here.

The videos are also all on the YouTube page and will be released across Tennis Foundation social media channels over the coming weeks.