Schools encouraged to join in with National Fitness Day 2017!

Schools encouraged to join in with National Fitness Day 2017!

Schools across the country are being encouraged by the Tennis Foundation to join in with National Fitness Day 2017 on Wednesday 27th September and be part of what is the biggest and most visible annual celebration of physical activity of the year!

National Fitness Day is facilitated by ukactive, with thousands of clubs, parks, leisure centres and gyms involved. The Tennis Foundation is working with ukactive to help them get 10,000 schools across the country to join in and be part of celebrating the fun of fitness.

All any school has to do to join in is put on 10 minutes of tennis related activity at 10am on National Fitness Day to get your children, young people and staff moving, all while celebrating the fun of fitness and raising awareness of the benefits of being physically active.

Download the National Fitness Day PDF on how to get your school involved!

The Tennis Foundation is Great Britain’s leading tennis charity, with a vision to make tennis a sport that is inclusive and accessible to all. As part of its activity in education, it works with schools, colleges and universities to ensure more children can enjoy the many health and social benefits of tennis while maximising their personal potential both on and off the court.

Join in with National Fitness Day:

Registering your interest is easy and UK active will help you along the way by providing you with a digital toolkit which can be downloaded from their website. Follow these simple steps to get involved:

  1. Decide what you will do for National Fitness Day (we’d love it to be tennis related!)
  2. Register your school at
  3. Download the FREE National Fitness Day toolkit including videos and other interactive tools to get your school moving
  4. Use the National Fitness Day toolkit to create leaflets for children and parents about the activities you have planned
  5. Get your school moving on Wednesday 27th September!

You can find out more about National Fitness Day at, or by searching for #FitnessDay on social media.

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