Singles and doubles medals won at Leeds learning disability tennis regional tournament

Singles and doubles medals won at Leeds learning disability tennis regional tournament
Robbie Hampshaw

Robbie Hampshaw, Jonathan Ross and Steven Uttley all won singles and doubles gold medals at the Tennis Foundation’s first learning disability tennis regional tournament of 2017, which was held recently in Leeds.

Hampshaw, Ross and Uttley all made it two wins out of two matches in their respective round-round men’s singles events with Ross and Uttley adding men’s doubles gold medals. Hampshaw won his second gold medal in the mixed doubles.

More than 30 players contested the medals in Leeds, with Hampshaw taking the men’s Division 2 gold medal after remaining unbeaten in his two matches with 6-2 and 6-4 victories. Michael Hartnett also won both of his matches by the same score to win the Division 1 men’s singles.

While again making it two wins from two matches in the Division 4 men’s singles, Ross had to come through two closer matches before securing the first of his gold medals, including a 7-64(3) victory over Ryan Caven.

Steven Uttley in action
Steven Uttley

Uttley clinched back-to-back 6-2 wins to remain unbeaten in the men’s Division 6 singles. Meanwhile, Cameron Long and Samuel Dale both had to battle their way to 7-5 wins to remain unbeaten in their two matches as they took the Division 7 and Division 8 men’s singles gold medals.

Ross claimed his second gold medal in the men’s Division 2 doubles partnering Mark Cooper as the duo earned two 6-4 wins to remain unbeaten. On their way to the gold medal Ross and Copper beat Matthew Copley and Jack Dickson, the eventual silver medallists. Dickson added his doubles silver medal to his men’s Division 5 singles gold medal after winning all three of his singles matches.

Uttley’s doubles gold medal came in the men’s Division 3 event as he partnered fellow East Midlands player Alexander Hopkinson to two dominant performances. They dropped just one game across their two matches to win the gold medal.

There was a similarly dominant performance from Zach Brookes and Adam Brownsword in the men’s Division 1 doubles as they also dropped just one game in their three matches to win the gold medal. Brookes and Brownsword added their doubles gold medal to their sllver and bronze medal finishes behind Hartnett in the Division 1 singles.

Lily Mills
Lily Mills

In the women’s Division 1 singles Lily Mills also produced a dominant performance with successive 6-0, 6-0 victories, earning her the gold medal ahead of Laura Campbell, with Kerry-Alice Hartnett in third position.

Laura Wells also dominated the women’s Division 2 singles with two 4-0 wins and two 4-1 wins to take the gold medal.

With the women’s singles players and some of the men’s singles players pairing up for the mixed doubles, Robbie Hampshaw claimed his second gold medal of the weekend when he partnered Campbell to victory in the Division 1 mixed doubles.

The duo edged two close matches, including a 7-6(4) victory over Michael and Kerry-Alice Hartnett and a 6-4 win over Mills and Ross as Mills and Ross added doubles silver medals to their singles gold medals.

Two partnerships finished with three wins apiece from four matches in the Division 2 mixed doubles. Ultimately, William Farrow and Frances Rose Smiley claimed a 4-0 win over Uttley and Mary Nolan to win the gold medal.

Matthew Wreglesworth and Wells also edged to a 5-4(3) tie-break victory against Hopkinson and Emma Lindsay to win the bronze medal as both partnerships also completed their matches with the same number of wins.

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