Student Workforce

Student Workforce

Student Workforce

Our student workforce has helped to shape the student tennis experience across the country. Whether you are interested in coaching other students or helping to drive participation and competition at your university tennis club, there are many ways that you can get involved.

University Tennis Coordinators

We currently have 25 University Tennis Coordinators (UTC’s) at different universities across the country whose aim is to grow the game with students, staff and the local community. Although the work that these students complete throughout their two year role varies due to university priorities and LTA regional aims, all UTC’s work to increase:

  • The number of students attending tennis taster sessions
  • The number of students taking part in organised play
  • The number of students receiving coaching
  • The number of students competing internally
  • The number of students competing for the BUCS teams
  • The number of students training as competition organisers, coaches and referee
  • The number of community partner venues

The positions are co-funded by the Tennis Foundation and the university, with the positions being line managed by the university with support from us. We provide initial training for the UTC’s – a three day UTC training course. To view the presentations from UTC Training 2016, please click here.  UTC’s are monitored on a termly basis, with support continuously given from us throughout the year.

For current University Tennis Coordinator roles check out our Career page

Student Tennis Ambassador Network

The Student Tennis Ambassador Network (STAN) is formed of college and university undergraduate students that help to develop tennis at their institution. Ambassadors meet on a regional basis twice a year to share ideas and think of innovative ways that they can get more people playing tennis through their institution.

University Ambassadors

In 2016-17, University Ambassadors will be asked to target their work around 3 main areas:

  • Fresher’s Fayre and Follow On Activity
  • University Recreational Team Competition
  • Volunteer Engagement

To assist University Ambassadors in the planning of their work throughout the academic year, these students were invited to attend University Training at the start of the academic year. Click her to view the National Ambassador Training Day Presentations.

Please click here to view our Guide to Student Tennis Ambassadors

College Ambassadors

College Ambassadors will focus on:

  • Recreational level enrichment sessions on the college site
  • Termly intra-college competition

College ambassadors are invited to regional training twice a year and our annual Student Tennis Pathways Conference.

British Tennis Youth Group

British Tennis now has its very own youth group for young people aged 16-25. The group work with the Tennis Foundation and LTA on the development of new offers and campaigns aimed at young people. Members of the group represent the interests of the young people in the sport at a national level, and also decide which ideas and projects get financial support through a Youth Legacy Fund. Applications to be part of the British Tennis Youth Group will open in 2017