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School Club Links

School Club Links

Bringing tennis clubs and schools together

Local tennis clubs rely on the next generation of players for their future survival. The more young people they can get playing the game, the better. At the same time, schools are full of kids who’d love the chance to play tennis. So we thought, let’s bring the two together. Our School Club Links initiative gives local tennis clubs the opportunity to go into schools to spread the word about the game they love.

Here’s what it offers clubs:

  • An opportunity to forge links with the local community through schools
  • The rewarding experience of working with enthusiastic young people
  • The chance to inject new talent and energy into the club
  • CPD for tennis club staff
  • Raising the club’s profile in the community with positive PR
  • Ensuring the future of the sport in the local community

To find out more, please contact your local regional office.