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Inclusive Coaching
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Inclusive tennis is a key strand through the tennis coaching pathway and is embedded within the Level 1 and 2 qualifications. During the Level 3 qualification all coaches complete the Disability Awareness Course  which raises awareness of the different types of disabilities and covers information on how to coach players with different abilities in an effective and appropriate way. The course provides practical tools to work successfully with the different types of disabilities, both separately and in integrated sessions. All coaches on the Disability Awareness course will receive a copy of the Disability Coaching Resource,  a vital resource for any coaches who wish to deliver an inclusive tennis programme. 

The Disability Awareness Course is also open to coaches who have not completed it previously. To search for upcoming Disability Awareness Courses please use the LTA’s Find a Course search.

Further Training

For  coaches looking to further develop their inclusive approach to tennis the Tennis Foundation run CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses for each impairment (physically impaired, deaf & hearing impaired, blind & visually impaired and learning disability). Each CPD course will improve coaches’ knowledge, confidence and delivery of tennis for that specific impairment.

Upcoming Courses

Courses will be shown here once confirmed.

Coaching Resources
LTA Coach Grant Scheme

The LTA’s Coach Grant Scheme provides grants up to a maximum of £200 for people with a disability who would like to gain a coaching qualification in tennis.  Applications for the next round of grants are now open – applications are below.  For more details email

How have people benefitted from a Tennis Foundation grant…

Andrea Weston (wheelchair user)

Since receiving the grant Andrea has:

  • Supported the delivery of tennis sessions within venues in Cornwall.
  • Become a top 100 player in Women’s wheelchair tennis.
  • Been named one of the UK’s ‘Women of the Year’.

“The grant and subsequent coaching qualification has improved my communication and confidence. I also feel I have gained more respect around my local tennis club”.

Ciaran McCarthy (deaf)

Since receiving the grant Ciaran has:

  • Delivered tennis festivals for over 75 young deaf participants.
  • Become a part-time coach at Batchwoods Sports Centre.

I feel more confident on the back of my Level 2 tennis coaching qualification and hopefully it will help Batchwoods to set up disability tennis activity at the centre”.

Marc McCarroll (wheelchair user)

Marc competed in the wheelchair tennis events at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympics and has recently retired from the sport. His goal is to become a tennis coach and the grant scheme has helped him to achieve this. Since the grant for his Level 1 tennis coaching qualification Marc has:

  • Completed a Level 3 tennis coaching qualification.
  • Delivered Tennis Foundation wheelchair camps and Push2Podium (talent ID) festivals.
  • Supported the GB Invictus Games Wheelchair Tennis team.
Frequently Asked Questions1. How can I apply for a Grant?
Please download the Coach Grant Scheme application form, complete and return to the LTA (details found on the form).2. What courses can I use the Grant for?
The Grant can be used for LTA Levels 1 and 2 tennis education coaching courses and any LTA disability courses (e.g. CPD’s, workshops etc.). We would consider other courses if further information was provided within the application.

3. How much can I receive?
If successful in your application the LTA will support you with a grant up to a maximum of £200 which goes towards the cost of the tennis coaching education courses. This will be paid after successful completion of the course.

4. When will I be informed if I have been successful or unsuccessful?
The LTA will aim to notify you if your application has been successful or unsuccessful four weeks after your submission.

5. How will I receive the Grant?
If your application is successful then you will be asked to provide your bank details so that the LTA can pay the grant into your account. Please note that grants will usually be paid retrospectively on completion of a Course and you may be required to provide evidence of attendance on a Course.

6. Do I need to do anything in return?
In return for providing the Grant, the LTA will request the following:

• You are encouraged to complete a follow up form highlighting how you have benefitted from the Grant (this will be sent six months after your application has been approved).
• You are encouraged to support to your local venues and help with any events in the area.

7. I’ve had my application turned down; can I apply for the Coach Grant Scheme more than once?
You can apply for the Grant a maximum of twice in a calendar year, if you have been issued a grant you are ineligible to re-apply for another grant.
Need more help? For more information please contact