University Tennis Webinars

Our University Tennis Webinars have been designed to offer training to support universities across Great Britain in offering a comprehensive tennis programme. Please check back regularly for further webinars.

Developing a Weekly Tennis Programme 

Alistair Higham (Universities Manager) and Claire McCulloch (Former UTC, Stirling University) discuss the elements required to provide a comprehensive university tennis weekly programme.


University Tennis – BUCS Captains Guide Results Submission Tutorial

The LTA Competitions Team talk BUCS Team Captains through how to submit BUCS results to the LTA Tournament Software website. BUCS results are required to be submitted to midday on Friday after each BUCS Wednesday fixture. For any queries regarding BUCS results submission, please contact Harrison Fernandez Lewis, BUCS Tennis Administrator at Harrison.FL@bucs.org.uk.

Social Media Guide 

The Social Media Guide focuses on what type of social media platform should be used in which situation, and the type of content appropriate for each type social media. University Tennis Clubs can take tips from this video to ensure that they are promoting their club in right way, whilst maximising their reach on social media.