University Competition

There are a range of competition opportunities available for students of all standards to participate in whilst at university. Ranging from local recreational team competitions, to national events such as BUCS Individuals, there are opportunities available to everyone.

BUCS Team and Individual Championships

The Tennis Foundation work closely with BUCS to support the BUCS Tennis Leagues – a team competition for universities.

In the current 2017-18 campaign, almost 350 teams from over 100 universities have entered, providing a high level of competition for all players involved.

The BUCS leagues allow the top players at each university to compete in fixtures every Wednesday during a season that runs between October – March. Teams compete in regional conferences against universities of a similar standard all aiming to gain promotion through the leagues to the summit of the BUCS Tennis league structure – the National League. This is the highest level of university team tennis competition, where the top 6 university 1st teams compete across regular Wednesday afternoon fixtures as well as two centrally hosted Super Weekends during a league season.

To ensure that matches can count towards LTA ratings and rankings, BUCS team captains are responsible for submitting their results to us by midday Friday after each fixture and ensuring that all players in their team have a British Tennis Membership – free for all students – before their first BUCS match. Students can apply for their free British Tennis Membership via the online form here. Please click for the BUCS Captains Guide or watch the online tutorial video here containing details about how to submit results after a BUCS fixture.

To view upcoming BUCS fixtures and BUCS results, please click here.

The BUCS Individual Championships provides students with the opportunity to represent their university in a national individual competition. The event is formed of 5 regional singles qualifying events that take place across the UK followed by a national finals for both singles and doubles competitions. Click here for details on the BUCS Individuals Championships including key information for this year’s competition and results from previous years’ championships.

Recreational & Development Level Competition Offer

In 2018-19, the offer for university recreational and development level players below the BUCS team competition level, will include two competitions aimed at different standards of players who do not currently compete in the BUCS tennis championships. This will consist of the University Team Challenge competition and the University FAST4 Development League. These two national competitions aim to provide a complete competitive offer for university student tennis players who are not currently involved at BUCS level and play a crucial part of the university system’s long term plan to; increase and maintain participation in tennis, get more players involved in inter-varsity competition and create an efficient and nationally recognised pathway into the BUCS teams.

University Team Challenge

Since its launch in September 2016, the University Team Challenge has seen over 1,000 students enjoy recreational tennis competition against local universities. This level of competition is aimed at recreational/social players, and this may be their first experience of tennis competition. The focus of this level of competition is largely social, with competition formats for Team Challenge events highly variable and teams being formed of mixed gender.

University FAST4 Development League

This level of competition is aimed at students who narrowly miss out on the BUCS Teams but seek regular organised inter-varsity competition throughout the year. Single sex university teams of 4-8 players play matches against local universities in a FAST4 format, with fixtures comprising 4 singles and 2 doubles rubbers, similar to BUCS to support a seamless pathway for players from this level of competition to potential selection for the BUCS teams. Find out more about the FAST4 scoring system here.

All results from the FAST4 Development League are uploaded to the LTA Tournament Software to allow for them to count towards players’ LTA ratings. Therefore, all players that compete in these leagues are required to obtain a British Tennis Membership, free to all university students, via the online application form.

For further information on competitive opportunities within the Higher Education sector, please contact Harrison Fernandez Lewis (Higher Education Tennis Administrator, BUCS)