University Competition

University Competition

There are a range of competition opportunities available for students of all standards to participate in whilst at university. Ranging from local recreational team competitions, to national events such as BUCS Individuals, there are opportunities available to everyone.

Timed Tennis 

We have been running our Timed Tennis programme for the past three years and have handed out over 150 timed tennis packs to support the programme in universities across the country. Timed tennis is an internal university competition, that can be aimed at beginners to team players. Universities can sign up to our Timed Tennis programme to receive a range of promotional material and prizes to support the three timed tennis sessions that they are asked to complete throughout the year. Timed tennis can either be run as a touchtennis event, with matches lasting 10 minutes over a mini tennis net using touchtennis balls, or alternatively matches can last 20 minutes and take place on a full sized court using yellow balls. Applications for the Timed Tennis programme for 2016-17 will open shortly – please check back soon to download an application form.

University Team Challenge

This year, we are introducing a new competition for students who have narrowly missed out on the BUCS teams but would still like to compete against local universities. Our new recreational team competition will see each university team  consisting of two men and two women compete against teams from other local universities in an informal and social environment. Universities can apply to take part in their Development Award application.

BUCS Leagues 

The Tennis Foundation work closely with BUCS to support the BUCS Tennis Leagues – a team competition for universities. In 2015-16, over 340 teams from over 100 universities took part, providing a high level of competition for all players involved. The BUCS Leagues allow the top players at each university to compete in fixtures between October – March each year against universities of a similar standard in their region. This year, the BUCS Leagues also saw the introduction of a new national division for the top teams across the country, where matches were played across a range of BUCS Wednesday afternoons and BUCS Super Weekends.

To ensure that matches can count towards LTA ratings and rankings, BUCS Teams Captains are responsible for submitting their results to us by midday Friday after each fixture and ensuring that all players in their team have a British Tennis Membership Student Application Form – free for all students! Please note that all BUCS players will need to have a British Tennis Membership (free for university students) before their first match. Please click here BUCS Results Submission Guide to view the BUCS Captains Guide, containing details about how to submit  results after each fixture.

To view upcoming BUCS fixtures and BUCS results, please click here.

BUCS Individuals 

BUCS Individuals provide students with the opportunity to represent their university in a National Competition. The event is formed of 5 qualifying events that take place across England and Scotland, with players progressing to the BUCS Individuals Finals Weekend. Dates for the BUCS Individuals 2016-17 will be made available here once they are announced. Please click here to view results for the BUCS Individuals 2015-16.

British Tour

For those students wishing to compete more outside of their university, please click here to view further details about the British Tour, which now contains a new format of Fast4 competitions.

For further information about the potential competitions you could run at your university, please download the University Competition Guide.