Ambassadors & Coordinators

We like to see university students reaching their full potential and maximising all of their skills whilst at university. That’s why we currently support a student workforce at over 70 universities across the UK. There are two main strands to our university student workforce: Student Ambassadors and University Tennis Coordinators.

University Tennis Coordinators 

We currently have 25 University Tennis Coordinator’s (UTC’s) at universities across the country who do exactly this, with many of these students progressing into a career with tennis after university. The UTC job role is a two year position, which students hold whilst studying for a part time post graduate degree, paying an annual salary of up to £10,000, joint funded by the university and the Tennis Foundation. We also offer an Enhanced Ambassador programme for undergraduate students, with a similar role of UTC’s.

The role of a UTC varies between universities depending on the universities priorities. However, to ensure that a university with a UTC has a well structured tennis programme for all of its students, UTC’s aim to increase:

  • The number of students attending tennis taster sessions
  • The number of students taking part in organised play
  • The number of students receiving coaching
  • The number of students competing internally
  • The number of students competing for the BUCS teams
  • The number of students training as competition organisers, coaches and referees
  • The number of community partner venues

The positions are co-funded by the Tennis Foundation and the university, with the positions being line managed by the university with support from us. For example, we provide initial training for the UTC’s – a two day UTC training course. UTC’s are monitored on a termly basis, with support continuously given from us throughout the year. If you are interested in recruiting a UTC or Enhanced Ambassador at your university, please email alistair.higham@tennisfoundation.org.uk.

Hear from some of our former UTC’s about what they enjoyed about the role, and how being a UTC gave them a range of employability skills below.

University Tennis Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are the main bulk of our workforce, with their main aim being to support with the development of the university tennis club. Although Student Ambassador roles vary between universities, many Student Ambassadors support tennis activity in the following areas:

  • Fresher’s Fayre and Follow On Activity
  • University Recreational Team Competition
  • Volunteer Engagement

Being a Student Ambassador is a one-year voluntary position for undergraduate students, with many of our Student Ambassadors continuing with their studies and becoming a University Tennis Coordinator in future years. If you would like more information on recruiting a Student Ambassador at your university, please email Alistair Higham at alistair.higham@tennisfoundation.org.uk

For more information regarding our Student Workforce, please click here.