Secondary School

Beyond the Baseline

As part of delving deeper into the social impact tennis can have, the Tennis Foundation has partnered with the Youth Sport Trust to create a specific programme, Beyond the Baseline, to engage young people who are struggling with their behaviour or academic performance in school. Beyond the Baseline is a free, secondary schools programme that uses tennis and inspirational tennis mentors to nurture pupils’ aspirations and put them on the path to achieving them. Our 15 Beyond The Baseline Tennis Mentors inspire pupils with their experiences of playing tennis and the obstacles they’ve overcome both on and off the court.

The Beyond the Baseline Mentors will link their journey to four key Employability & Life skills – Personal, Social, Creative and Thinking Skills – that everyone needs to be able to achieve their goals. How it Works;

  1. A mentor visits a school three times over a 2-3 month period, sharing their tennis story with a small group of targeted pupils (chosen by the school)
  2. The mentor inspire the pupils with how they achieved success in tennis as well as talk about four Employability & Life Skills they demonstrated on their journey
  3. Pupils get active on-court and learn the skills of tennis whilst having fun and working with others
  4. Pupils work with the rest of their Beyond The Baseline Project Group to plan, organise and deliver a tennis project
  5. The mentor supports the pupils and helps the pupils develop new skills

The programme is managed by the Youth Sport Trust on behalf of the Tennis Foundation. Find out more about the impact of Beyond the Baseline with this video.

The deadline for schools to apply to take part in the 2017/18 has now passed . Schools will be notified as to whether they have been successful by September 2017.

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