Secondary School

Secondary School

Secondary School

Tennis is a great game at any level. But the more you advance, the more challenging and rewarding it becomes. We’re here to help secondary schools meet those changing demands. We can provide high quality, focused training for teachers, as well as valuable resources and a range of equipment. To inspire and stimulate every young person, we can also help deliver innovative formats of the game, including Cardio Tennis, Timed Tennis and Team Tennis.

Teaching secondary school kids all kinds of respect through tennis

Tennis has so much to offer secondary school kids. On court, they can stretch and pit themselves against their peers. But tennis is more than just a great competitive sport that they love playing. They also learn valuable social skills that stay with them off-court for the rest of their lives. Self-respect and mutual respect grow enormously. Teachers tell us they can even see improvements in students’ academic grades.

We support secondary schools with exactly the kind of focused, quality training that teachers need to inspire and encourage their pupils to take up the game. We can help deliver innovative versions of the game, such as Cardio Tennis, Timed Tennis and Team Tennis, so there’s a type of tennis for everyone. We also work with the Youth Sport Trust on our innovative new social change programme, Beyond the Baseline. 

  • Free training for teachers with our Secondary Schools Tennis Teacher Course. The course has been developed to give you the confidence and skills you need to deliver both traditional and modified versions of the game. You’ll also learn about cross-curricular activities, how to organise competitions, leaderships skills and volunteering. We also offer a Cardio Teacher Training Course to provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver Cardio Tennis within a school environment. 
  • Free resources and equipment. Teachers who go on either of the above courses will receive a range of resources to help them plan and deliver tennis sessions in their schools. They’ll also take away a free equipment pack (one per school per course, and only if your school has not previously received one). Book onto a free teacher training course now!

Beyond the Baseline

As part of delving deeper into the social impact tennis can have, the Tennis Foundation has partnered with the Youth Sport Trust to create a specific programme, Beyond the Baseline, to engage young people who are struggling with their behaviour or academic performance in school. Beyond the Baseline is a free, secondary schools programme that uses tennis and inspirational tennis mentors to nurture pupils’ aspirations and put them on the path to achieving them.

Following a pilot in 2014 the scheme will now be rolled out to 150 secondary schools and 1,500 young people. Six mentors, made up of former and current professional tennis players, have been trained up to inspire pupils with their experiences of playing tennis and the obstacles they’ve overcome both on and off the court. Find out more about the impact of Beyond the Baseline with this video.

School of Tennis

School of Tennis, is our new exciting pilot programme which provides  funding to radically deliver the way tennis is delivered in secondary schools so they can tailor programmes for their own needs. There is a sharp dip in tennis participation as young people reach their mid-teens and many don’t realise the many varieties of tennis available away from the traditional game.

The School of Tennis programme aims to reverse this decline by giving secondary schools the support and funding needed so they can deliver tennis in the form and way that best suits their school and their pupils. 21 pilot Schools of Tennis have been established across Great Britain this year with the aim to establish 150 Schools of Tennis across the country by 2018. Read more about the programme here.