School Club Links

School Club Links

Schools are full of children and young people who’d love the chance to play tennis. Local tennis clubs would love to see more young people taking up the game – so let’s bring the two together. School Club Links enable pupils to further their enjoyment, skills and experiences by continuing to play tennis in their local community, whilst adding value to a school’s offer to their pupils. The Tennis Foundation aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for children and young people to get involved in tennis.

Here’s what a school club link can offer a school:

  • More opportunities for your pupils to become healthier and happier, through tennis
  • Raise the school’s profile in the community
  • Access to expert qualified coaches who can support the professional development of teachers and school staff
  • Shared facilities and equipment
  • Great venue for out-of-hours tennis clubs
  • Increased awareness of local tennis opportunities for pupils, teachers and families
  • Inspiration, encouragement and motivation for pupils, showing them how they can become players, coaches and volunteers
  • Healthier & more physically active pupils – improving standards across the school

Looking for a local tennis coach?

If you are looking for a Tennis Coach to support tennis activity at your school, please use the Find a Coach tool to locate and contact accredited LTA coaches in your area.

Coaches Schools Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help support coaches to:

  • Link with local schools in their area
  • Promote their Schools Mini Tennis Roadshow
  • Help them to develop ongoing relationships with schools

Introductory Pitch for Coaches – This resource will support coaches with their initial conversations with schools to help demonstrate the wider impact that tennis can have on whole school priorities.

School Club Links & School Sport Landscape Guidance – This guide provides coaches with useful information about physical education and sport priorities for primary schools, helping coaches to pitch their offer to meet the needs of the school.

National Curriculum in England Guidance (2014) – This resource provides an overview of the PE National Curriculum attainment targets for primary and secondary aged pupils (England only). A revised National Curriculum in England is expected in September 2019.

Primary Schools National Curriculum in England (2014) – This resource highlights some of the key attainment targets for primary physical education and demonstrates how tennis can support delivery. A revised National Curriculum in England is expected in September 2019.

Schools Template Letter – This template letter can be used by coaches to promote their Schools Mini Tennis Roadshow.

Open Day Invite Flyer – This template flyer can be adapted and distributed at School Taster Sessions to promote venue open days.

Schools Coaching Offer Template Presentation – This template presentation can be adapted to reflect a coaches current coaching offer. This can either be printed out or presented at meetings with the school.

School Meeting Checklist -This can be used when conducting initial meetings with schools in order to collect a range of useful information which will assist in planning future tennis activity and developing school club links.

School Club Link Agreement – This agreement template can be used when planning a school club link.

Top Tips for Inspiring Delivery in Schools – This document provides a variety of top tips to support coaches’ delivery both in the curriculum and out of school hours.

School Games Mark Criteria 2017/18 (England only) – This document provides an overview of the School Games Mark  2017/18 criteria, for which many schools apply for each academic year. The level of award achieved reflects a schools commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

School Games Organiser (SGO) High Level KPI’s (England only) – This document provides an overview of the School Games Organiser (SGO) key work areas and key performance indicators.

School Games Organiser Task List (England only) – This document provides an overview of the School Games Organiser’s core tasks and deliverables.