School Club Links

School Club Links

Schools are full of children and young people who’d love the chance to play tennis. Local tennis clubs would love to see more young people taking up the game – so let’s bring the two together. School Club Links enable pupils to further their enjoyment, skills and experiences by continuing to play tennis in their local community, whilst adding value to a school’s offer to their pupils. The Tennis Foundation aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for children and young people to get involved in tennis.

Here’s what a school club link can offer a school:

  • More opportunities for your pupils to become healthier and happier, through tennis
  • Raise the school’s profile in the community
  • Access to expert qualified coaches who can support the professional development of teachers and school staff
  • Shared facilities and equipment
  • Great venue for out-of-hours tennis clubs
  • Increased awareness of local tennis opportunities for pupils, teachers and families
  • Inspiration, encouragement and motivation for pupils, showing them how they can become players, coaches and volunteers
  • Healthier & more physically active pupils – improving standards across the school

Looking for a local tennis coach?

If you are looking for a Tennis Coach to support tennis activity at your school, please use the Find a Coach tool to locate and contact accredited LTA coaches in your area.