School Games Tennis Toolkit

The School Games Tennis Toolkit has been designed for teachers and colleagues in school sport, to make running competitions as easy as possible.

It contains over 40 resources and templates  which can be downloaded below, many of which can be edited to support teachers organising intra and inter-schools competitions.


i. Contents

ii. Why Schools Tennis?

iii. What Is The School Games?

iv. School Tennis Competition Framework

Level 1 Competition

1.1 Overview of Level 1

1.2 Examples of Intra-School Activities

Level 2 Competition

2.1 Overview of Level 2

2a.1 Year 3 & 4 Mini Tennis Red Competition

2a.1.1 Year 5 & 6 Mini Tennis Orange Competition

2a.2 Team Tennis Schools Competitions

2a.3 Scotland & Wales Competitions

2b.1 Other Options for Level 2 Competition – Primary Schools

2b.2 Other Options for Level 2 Competition – Secondary Schools

2b.3 Inclusion & Competition


Competition Resources

3a.1 How to set up Mini Tennis Courts

3a.2 Example timings-format for a Mini Tennis Competition

3a.3 Mini Tennis Competition School Sign In

3a.4 Mini Tennis Match Scorecard

3a.5 Mini Tennis _ Tie Break Score Sheets

3a.6 Round Robin Box Sheets

3a.7 Order of Play Guidance

3a.8 Mini Tennis Competition Welcome Notice

3a.9 Mini Tennis Competition Labels Template

3a.10 Elimination Draw Sheet

3a.11 Compass draw sheet

3a.12 Hit & Mix Competition Cards

3a.13 Squad Tennis Draw Sheet

3a.14 Match Card Standard

Invites and Entries – Letters/Confirmations

3b.1 Cluster Event Invitation Letters

3b.2 Schools Entry Form

3b.3 Invitation to Partnership-County Final Letter

3b.4 Event/Final/League Confirmation Letter

Venue Resources

3c.1 Event Location Directional Arrows

3c.2 Event Court Numbers

3c.3 Registration Desk Sign

3c.4 Risk Assessment

3c.5 Incident & Accident Report Form


3d.1a Certificate – Participation

3d.1b Certificate – Runner Up

3d.1c Certificate – Winner

3d.1d Certificate – Special Achievement

3d.1e Certificate – Team Award

3d.2 Congratulations Parent Letter


3e.1 Young Person’s Evaluation Form

3e.2 Where can I play tennis locally?

3e.3 Working with the Media