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Early years

Early years

We believe you’re never too young to get into tennis. Which is why we’re so excited about our new partnership with expert early years organisations. The aim is to support nurseries and pre-schools across the country, providing free training, free resources and free equipment to help make tennis the next big thing for little ones.

Meet Jess and Jake – taking tennis to pre-school tots

Very young children can get a lot out of playing tennis. It teaches them important skills, such as agility, balance and coordination.

But how do you inspire under-fives to take up the sport? Well, we’ve enlisted the help of two storybook characters who the kids can really identify with. They’re called Jess and Jake. They love tennis and have lots of fun and adventures playing the game.

Jess and Jake illustrate the imaginative and highly innovative approach we take in our partnership with leading early years organisations in England, Scotland and Wales. So far, we’ve taken tennis into 50 pre-schools and nurseries in selected areas across the country. We offer free training for early years specialists, together with all the resources and equipment they need.

  • Free resources include a series of activity cards designed to help with planning and delivering a tennis-based programme that supports the statutory learning and development frameworks for 2-5 year-olds. We also hand out Jess and Jake story books to all the children to help them and their family get active at home.
  • The free Early Years Equipment pack, worth over £600, has been carefully put together to develop the children’s agility, coordination, balance and speed (ABCs). There’s everything you need to get little ones active now, and give them a sporting habit which will last them their whole life.

Early Years courses will be rolled out across Great Britain in 2016-17. Information regarding the courses will be made available here shortly.