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At the Tennis Foundation, we believe in being open and transparent about every aspect of our governance. To make sure we stick to that, we’ve put in place a number of key policies and procedures:

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Tennis Foundation Governance

Report and financial statement for year ended 31st Dec 2016

Annual Review 2015

Division of Responsibilities

British Tennis General Policies

Disciplinary Code (Including Tennis Anti-Doping Programme and Match Fixing Regulations)


Recording and Publishing Images Policy

Recruitment of Offenders

Equality and Diversity Policy



Tennis Foundation Disability Performance Policies

Travel to Unstable Countries Policy


Rio Paralympic Selection Policy (Tokyo 2020 selection policy will be available here by the end of 2017)

World Team Cup 2017 Selection Criteria


Deaflympics 2017 Selection Policy

Learning Disability 

INAS World Championships 2017 Selection Criteria

Tennis Foundation Disability Polices – Visually Impaired

BVI International Tournament Selection Criteria

Tennis Foundation Competitions

NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters Competitions 2016 Terms and Conditions

BTM NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters Competitions 2016 Terms and Conditions